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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bears in Love Go SMS Pro Theme

*notice: There have been error reports of themes not loading especially on devices running on Jellybean. Please email us to fix the problem.

Beautiful Brown Bear Design. Bears in love is a nice, and cute subtle design that isn't loud to the eyes. Its beautiful, and pleasing and just in time for valentines day. But the theme can be used any day of the week.
Developed by the JV-Designs team.

Download Companion Theme. Bears in Love Go Luncher EX
Coming Soon ... Companion themes for the Go Contacts and maybe a Go Keyboard and Locker theme


1. You must have GO SMS installed (search "GO SMS" to download).
2. To apply the theme within GO SMS: Menu -> Themes -> Choose “Kawaii Fruits" theme.

Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Email us if there are any problems, questions or suggestions.
Please rate if you like it. :)



  1. Hye !! I like very much in your theme, but I can not see what I write because the background is too bright! I really like this theme! please help me, I'm tired of making other themes

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