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Monday, June 18, 2012

All Rust Go SMS Theme

We have updated this theme. Unfortunately we couldn't find the original file so we needed to rebuild the theme from scratch meaning the older version was unpublished and a newer one was posted. If you happened to download the older theme please uninstall and install the newer one. All Rust Go SMS Pro Theme Ver 1.0.

Companion to the All Rust Go Launcher Theme.
Grimey, but Beautiful Rust Design. An Add on companion to the All Rust Go Launcher Theme.
Inspired by the rickety old shed in my backyard. Opening revealed lots and lots of old rusted metal.
Developed by the JV-Designs team. Its not for the faint of heart. Its grimey and dirty but totally unique.
A beautiful partner with the All Rust Go Launcher EX theme. This is the additional free theme for the Go SMS application.
1. You must have GO SMS installed (search "GO SMS" to download).
2. To apply the theme within GO SMS: Menu -> Themes -> Choose “All Rust" theme.

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