We are a small group of people dedicated in making unique and beautiful themes for Android devices, and themes using the app platforms from the godevteam, specifically Go Launcher EX, Go SMS Pro, and Go Contacts. So check out what we have for you, some are free some are paid but we are sure you'll find one that fits your personality. Themes are what makes the Android devices unique to every other smartphone out there. So what are you waiting for, go grab one now.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pastel Pink go SMS Pro Theme

Beautiful Pink Pastel Go SMS Theme
Also Download Companion Go Launcher Theme, search for Pastel Pink go Launcher.
Developed by the JV-Designs team.

"Pastel Pink Go SMS Theme for Android might be the most convenient and consummate theme app you never seen before, install it to make your smartphone more ladylike. - AppEggs.com"
A beautiful partner with the Pastel Pink Go Launcher EX theme. This is the additional free theme for the Go SMS application.
1. You must have GO SMS installed (search "GO SMS" to download).
2. To apply the theme within GO SMS: Menu -> Themes -> Choose “PastelPink" theme.

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